Recent Cases

Politician V/S Doctor

A Doctor had appointed a trainee nurse in his hospital. After two months of her appointment the doctor gets to know that the trainee nurse he had appointed, was impolite to the patients and was taking her job for granted. The Doctor immediately confronted her and terminated her from her position after settling all her account.

Guided by some antisocial people and with an intention to extort money from the doctor, the nurse filed a molestation case with the police against the doctor. Since the case was not a genuine, it was dismissed after some time.

After almost two months, the same nurse, with the support from a local politician, approached the doctor and demanded an experience certificate for one and a half years. The pure intention of the nurse was to trouble the doctor and to entangle him into a legal litigation.

The Doctor immediately called the LegalMD team. The team timely intervened and sorted out the matter in an appropriate way.

The related case would have attracted a section 354. 506 of IPC and complaint with the consumer court resulting to huge compensation by the medical council against the doctor.

Doctor V/S Doctor : A Dangerous Trend in Medicine Practice

An Old male patient with ophthalmic problem approached the ophthalmologist for treatment. After examination of the patient the Doctor diagnosed the problem as cataract and advised cataract surgery as the remedy. The Planned cataract surgery is performed by the Dr. in the month of October. The Surgery was uneventful. After two days the patient complained of having irritation and redness in the operated eye. After examination the Dr. diagnosed it as eye infection and advised treatment as there was no improvement. The daughter of the patient who was also an Dr. approached another ophthalmologist who continued the treatment. During the process the daughter found that the lens used in cataract surgery was expired in august, which was evident in the lens box and sued the operating Dr. for medical negligence. She filed the case against the operating ophthalmologist in police station and also in consumer court asking for huge compensation . At the same time she tried to defame the Dr. by giving articles in the leading newspapers. The surgeon immediately contacted LegalMD team who gave appropriate guidance because of which the case was handled properly.

The related case may attract section 338 of IPC and also complaints with consumer court (compensation) / Medical Council against the doctor.

Labor Pain Nuisance

A female patient with labor pain approached her family physician who was having a small set up (4 beds) in his hospital. The Doctor examined the patient & put her on IV fluids and medication. He attempted to do the delivery as it was the need of the hour, but was unsuccessful in his attempt which led to complication. The relatives of the patient took her to gynecologist who after examination found it to be a IUFD (Intra Uterine Fetal Death) case. Judging the criticality the patient was shifted immediately to central hospital where the doctor tried to remove the dead baby but was unsuccessful. Condition of the patient worsened & was later shifted to a higher institute. Immediate surgery was done to remove the baby but the patient could not be saved and died. The result of the postmortem indicated th reason of death as uterus rupture, bladder rupture & shock. The Matter was reported to police and the doctor got arrested under 304, 304A, 34 of IPC. Doctor approached the LegalMD team who appropriate guidance because of which the case was handled properly.

In the related case , the Doctor got arrested under section 304, 304A, 34 of IPC and would also attract complaints with consumer court (compensation) / Medical Council against the doctor.


A young female patient with a problem of fever , visited a General practitioner. After examination the Doctor gave some medication and decided as injection being the best line of treatment. Two days later the patient approached the doctor with the complained of fever, pain and swelling on the area where injection was given. The Doctor prescribed some medicine & gave another injection for relief. After no relief from the second injection too, the patient approached the doctor again. She was diagnosed with injection abscess. The patient was admitted to the hospital and a surgery was conducted. But the condition of patient worsened and was later shifted to a higher institute, where further Surgical treatment on patient was bringing her no relief. Ultimately the patient died. The postmortem showed the cause of death as septicemia due to intra muscular injection. A case in the Police station and consumer court was filed against the doctor. The Doctor approached LegalMD team for relief. LegalMD team helped the doctor in getting a bail in the criminal court & also took a charge of  tackling consumer court.

In the related case, the Doctor got arrested under section 304A of IPC and attracted complaints with consumer court (Compensation).


A Three year old boy was brought to a reputed diagnostic center for an MRI scan. As per the protocol, the anesthetics was called to sedate the child for the procedure. As the anesthetics doctor proceeded with the procedure, the patient suddenly became critical. The Boy went into a respiratory distress. The recitation procedure was done and LegalMD team was contacted immediately for the guidance. Patient was immediately shifted to higher institute where he was pronounced brought dead. The Relatives of the patient created hue & cry in hospital.

Medico legal consultant from LegalMD reached on the spot and handled the matter without allowing it to escalate. The Matter was settled giving a sign of relief to the doctor.

The related case would attract section 304A of IPC and also complaints with consumer court (compensation) and a Medical Council against the doctor.


A patient with history of fever approached a doctor. After thorough examination the doctor prescribed some medicine & an injection as the line of treatment . The Patient bought the injection and medicine from a medical store. Doctor gave the injection to the patient, whose conditioned worsened and later lost his life.  A Police complaint was filed against the doctor. Investigation revealed that the injection given to the patient was already expired. A Case was registered against the doctor and the medical store’s pharmacist. The doctor contacted LegalMD medico legal team as he was about to be booked under section 302 (murder) of IPC, by the police. LegalMD team who appropriate guidance because of which the case was handled properly.

The related case may attract section 34, 304, 304A, of IPC and also attract complaint with consumer court (compensation) & medical council against Doctor.


A pregnant patient with a lot of labor pain got admitted in a hospital. On examination the doctor found fetal distress condition. He immediately started a treatment and successfully did a normal delivery. After 3 days the patient was discharged and taken home by her relatives. After 15 days the patient complained with a P.V. Bleeding and got admitted in the hospital with a lot of weakness. Treatment for the same was initiated after her proper check up. The treatment got her relief and was later discharged. The Relatives of patient abused and accused the doctor for being the reason for her P.V. bleeding which was caused due to improper delivery and demanded the money they spent to be refunded.. The frightened doctor sought help from LegalMD team and with Appropriate guidance and support got rid of the issue without allowing it to escalate .

The related case would attract section 337 IPC and also complaint with consumer court (compensation) and Medical Council against the doctor.

Suicide By A Compounder in Clinic

A young girl working with a doctor as a compounder for few years got married and left the job. She stayed with her husband for almost one year but came back to her maternal place due to some personal issue with her husband. She again rejoined the doctor as a compounder. Suddenly one day she was found dead hanging from the ceiling of the clinic. An FIR was registered. The doctor was called by the police for an inquiry as his involvement was suspected . The Feared doctor immediately contacted LegalMD team for help. An appropriate legal guidance was given to doctor in time without allowing the issue to escalate further.

The related case would attract Section 309 IPC, and also complaint with consumer court (compensation) and Medical Council against the Doctor.

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