What do we do?

LegalMD is the leading provider of Medico-Legal Services to Healthcare Providers. 

Why Work at LegalMD?

You will be challenged. You will be valued. You will be part of a growing team.

Being a dynamic organization LegalMD settles for nothing less when looking for employees. We strive to create an ecosystem where sustainability is at the forefront. So those looking for a place to grow, take ownership and be challenged are welcomed with open arms at LegalMD. In other words, we want people for the long haul. We ask each employee to help drive our growth in a culture that encourages creativity and camaraderie to, quite simply, continue to be the best.

In a sea of humdrum jobs, doesn’t this sound refreshing?

Top Reasons Employees Choose LegalMD:

Opportunity For Growth

No one wants to get stuck in a rut. We take career advancement seriously. Our growing industry means we want well-rounded employees who wish to become experts in their roles. Career goals and growth opportunities are discussed on an annual basis.

Competitive Salary

The secret behind ensuring a happy work force is continual appreciation. With this is mind, LegalMD’s compensation is competitive, and hard work is rewarded.

Dynamic Healthcare Industry

Our industry lives at the intersection of healthcare, legal and insurance, which creates a dynamic and challenging place to work. Bright, creative and self-motivated employees thrive in this environment.

Training And Education

LegalMD employees are always looking for ways to sharpen their skills. Core competency training, continuing education and tuition reimbursement are all available and encouraged.

Supportive Leaders

Our Management Team is accessible and committed. They help hone your skills, recognize great work and encourage a work/home life balance.

How to Apply

To submit resume for consideration, please send cover letter and resume, to:

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