What does the word Medico-Legal Mean?

It means a case where both medical and legal issues are involved. Any human body related issue comes under this category.

Who are the Prospective Beneficiaries of this Service?

We will provide our services exclusively to Medical Professionals – Individual doctors, laboratories, medical centers & hospitals / Non-Medical staff (Medical centers) for any medico legal issues.

What all are the services provided by LegalMD?

Our services include:
Comprehensive Medico-Legal Solutions including Forensic Expertise
A Robust Financial liability coverage through a customized Insurance policy bundling
Crisis Management / Public Relation (PR) Management
Audit of your current practice to ensure the right documentation process is being followed

What are the specific Medico legal solutions provided by LegalMD?

LegalMD gives expert opinion on medico legal cases after scrutinizing documents like medical records, reports, medico legal documents/certificates, chemical analysis and toxicology reports. It helps in preparing a questionnaire for the purpose of investigation and also for cross examination of expert witnesses (doctors) in the court of law. We appear in courts for cases where defense is required.

What is the idea behind starting this Service?

The number of cases are increasing by more than 200% annually. With no professional company supporting the doctor end to end, LegalMD shall become a name to trust, wherein we handhold the doctor at all stages and offer him the best services from experts across the country.

Do you also provide Legal Consultation apart from Medico-Legal cases?

Yes, we provide legal consulting for Medico legal Cases to all our paid members. The members can also take Legal consultation from our experts for any other cases at an additional cost.

Do you fight for a case from District to Supreme Court?

Yes, we offer representation to all our members for all Medico legal cases from the District Courts to the Supreme Court.

Do you provide services for a particular case till its final judgment?

We provide our services only up to the time period of subscription; renewal is necessary to get services for a particular case till its final judgment.

What is your revert time during any emergency?

We have a centralized helpline that doctors can access to get quick assistance form Medico legal experts directly, during any emergency.

How can I take membership of your services?

You can reach us at info@legalmd.in and our risk manager would get back to you within 24 working hours.

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