Our Team

Meet Our Team

Adv Dr. Arun Mishra

Dr Arun Mishra heads our Medico Legal Team. A rare combination of a post graduate doctor and a post graduate Lawyer (M.D., LL.M. - Crime). His experience comes from years of working with Doctor’s Risk and more than 13000 patient issues/case handling experiences.

Visham Sikand

Visham Sikand is a first generation & parallel entrepreneur having successfully launched few companies, one of which (IHO) recently got acquired by Aetna Inc. (Aetna is amongst the biggest Health Insurance companies of the world & is a Fortune 100 USA company). IHO helps people focus on their preventive health and induces them to lead healthier lives.

Saurabh Kashyap

Saurabh is the young and dynamic leader of the company. Having managed more than 4,000 team members, he along with his team is keen to bring in international practices into the medical field in India.

Nipuna Dua

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