Informed consent must before surgery Expert

16 January, 2017

Nagpur: There has been some increasing incidents of medical negligence reported against doctors in the past few years, where the complaint against them usually has been regarding taking improper consent or not taking consent before performing a procedure which proved detrimental to patients later.

This was the topic discussed by Dr Lalit Kapoor, founder member of Association of medical consultant (AMC), Mumbai who was in the city to deliver a lecture on 'Medico-legal issues', on Sunday, at the conference organized on the 50th anniversary of Academy of Medical Science (AMS) at Hotel Centre Point, Ramdaspeth.

Dr Kapoor said, "Gone are the days doctor was like father of the patient. Today, patient is the owner of his body and you have to take informed consent before performing any procedure."

He said, "I have hardly come across doctors who take detailed consent; most of their consents will finish in three points or so. Ideally, consent needs to be operation specific, it can be a page long but it should not miss any point.


He then pointed that consent needs to be taken from patient too, if possible. "In our country number of cases has been filed against gynaecologists for not taking consent particularly from the patient. In a recent case of abortion, the gynaecologist took the written consent from the husband and not wife. Later when the couple filed for divorce, the lady filed a case against husband and the gynaecologist for performing abortion without her consent. It was considered as a non-bailable criminal offence."


AMC has over 9,000 medical consultants and is considered as the largest body of its kind which is known for its large rescue wing that supports doctors if they get in trouble with cases of medical negligence against them. Dr Kapoor said, AMC is ready to help associations from Nagpur to imitate the rescue model developed by AMS.