Private hospital ordered to pay Rs 11 lakh compensation to patient

15 January, 2017

JAIPUR: The Jaipur district consumer dispute redressal forum has ordered a private hospital in Jaipur to pay a compensation of Rs 11 lakh to a patient for medical negligence which resulted in the death of their newborn during delivery.

The order said Rs 8 lakh is for the physical trauma and Rs 3 lakh for the mental strain on a complaint by Sonal Mehta. It also asked the hospital to cough up Rs 21,000 towards the legal expenses of the petitioner.

The petitioner Sonal Mehta in her complaint said that she has been under the medical supervision of Dr Vijay Suren of Sevayatan Maternity and General Hospital, Ajmer Road, Jaipur during her pregnancy. She had complained of labour on January 17, 2007 and admitted at the hospital at 11.30 pm on the advice of Dr Vijay Suren. He examined the patient and advised some tests. The next day the doctor said all the tests are normal and it would be a normal delivery. He then left for Ajmer leaving the task of conducting the delivery to an inexperienced house surgeon.

The hospital sources informed the relatives of Sonal at around 11.30 am on January 18 that she had delivered a still born due to the 'cord around its neck'.

The forum said the enquiry report by experts of the gynecology department of the SMS College found the hospital guilty of negligence. The "prima facie fault lies with the concerned hospital. A good USG (ultra sound sonography) by a specialist could have accurately diagnosed 'cord around neck'.

But the hospital conducted no ultra sound sonography test on the day on which she was admitted with labour or before the delivery.

The experts found "lack of electronic fetal monitoring facility in the hospital which could have tackled the catastrophe. It is solely within the purview of the hospital management."

The enquiry by the Medical Council of Rajasthan (MCR) also found the dcotrs of the hospital guilty of negligence.

The commission said Dr Vijay Suren despite not being a gynecologist had misled the patients by posing a gynecologist. Besides instead of attending to the patient leaving for Ajmer giving the task of delivery to inexperienced staff and not conducting sonography before delivery also comes under medical negligence and unbecoming of a medical practitioner.



The consumer Redressal Commission Rajasthan has imposed an additional cost of Rs 5000 on the State Bank of India (SBI) for furnishing wrong information before the commission in an appeal petition by the bank on the district consumer forum order.


The district consumer forum had ordered the bank to pay the complaint Yashpal Goyal Rs 10,000 for causing mental stress and Rs 5000 for legal expenses for charging service charges twice, one in India and another in US, while transferring US dollar 7700 in to the account of his son studying in the US in 2013. The forum directed the bank to return the service charge of US dollar 50 deducted in US with 9% interest last year.


The bank in the appeal petition initially informed the commission that the service charge in US was charged by its franchise bank, Bank of America but it was later found that the same was charged by the SBI branch in the US..