Newly elected MMC members wait for state govt to nominate the rest

13 January, 2017

In the wake of the election of nine members to the Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC), the onus is on the state government to nominate five more members to ensure smooth functioning of the quasi-judicial body. Members of the MMC have already sent appeals to the state government to expedite the process as this year, nearly 70,000 doctors have to renew their registrations online.



MMC, the state arm of the Indian Medical Council, registers allopathic doctors and has the power to cancel or suspend licenses on grounds of medical misconduct by any of them. While nine members were elected in the MMC polls held in December last year, five members are yet to be nominated by the state. Four others are ex-officio members, including the director of health services, director of medical education and Research, president of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and an academic council member of the Maharashtra University of Health Science.


The MMC will have to renew the registration of several doctors in the next two to three months, said Dr Dilip Sarda, newly-elected MMC member.

According to Dr Jayesh Lele, another elected MMC member, these registrations, for the first time, have to be completed online. “… While several forms need to be uploaded for this purpose, many doctors in rural areas have limited internet access. Unless our committee meets soon and decides on these issues, the entire procedure will be delayed,” said Dr Sarda.

The pendency of cases is yet another issue that the newly-elected committee has to tackle. According to Dr Shiv Utture, another elected member, cases about medical negligence are piling up. “There are over 600 cases that need to be resolved… The committee can’t meet or elect a new chairman unless it is fully set up,” said Sarda. Dr Pravin Shingare, director of Medical Education and Research, said the gazette notification about MMC election results was yet to be issued, after which the four ex-officio members will join the committee.