City hospital facing suspension

12 September, 2015

A serious allegation of medical negligence has forced the authority to suspend a premier nursing home in Guwahati triggering shock and anger among the patients and doctors engaged in it.

The nursing home, now in the centrestage of controversy, is Pratiksha Hospital. In a notification, the health department suspended the license of the hospital for one month from Friday. During this period, the outpatient department will not function. The treatment will confine to the in patients only who were admitted before Friday.

The authority resorted to this course of action acting on a complaint of professional negligence where a gynecology department patient had to bear the brunt. But the response of the hospital authority was not convincing when the department served show cause notice on the complaint by Harnar Rashid of Guwahati.

According to allegations, the patient sustained burn injury after she was given a hot water bag at her heels to warm up which was not removed in time. The concerned doctor admitted the negligence before the investigation team. But much to utter surprise, the hospital director refused to admit the entire incident when he replied to the show cause notice.

Moreover, the director of the hospital failed to appear before the competent authority even after he was asked to do it within 7 days. The director is said to have wilfully mislead the authority which was why, the license has been cancelled for one month from Friday.