Indore Kin create ruckus in Bhandari Hospital after boys death

09 January, 2017

Indore: Family members of an 8-year-old boy created ruckus after his death at Bhandari Hospital alleging medical negligence by the doctors, on Sunday.

They alleged that the patient died just a few minutes after the doctors started treatment but he was not suffering from any serious disease. Deepak Patil, a resident of Vijay Nagar police station area, was admitted to the hospital with loose motion and nausea.

“Deepak was not so sick that he succumbed. Doctors have given him wrong treatment due to which he died,” family members alleged while shouting in the hospital. However, Dr Jitendra Gupta of the hospital said that the patient had come to the hospital in a critical condition and died due to cardiac arrest.

“It was not the issue of medical negligence but the family members were demanding refund of money which they had deposited at the time of admission. We returned them their amount after which they left,” Dr Gupta said.

Police took the family members to police station and released them after pacifying to perform last rites of the patient. No complaints from both sides were registered.