Chhattisgarh Man forced to take stillborn babys body in bag after nurse asks to vacate hospital bed

05 January, 2017

In yet another shameful incident of medical negligence in the country, the father of a stillborn baby was forced to take away the corpse in a bag after the nurse at Jagdalpur Medical College, Chhattisgarh, allegedly asked him to quickly vacate the bed. 

The reprehensible incident occurred when Yalam Ramesh, a resident of Aipenta village in Bijapur, brought his pregnant wife Shashikala to the medical college on Tuesday night.  

On Wednesday, Ramesh’s family drowned in sorror when they found that the baby was born dead. While they were moaning on the heart-rending misery, the hospital staff asked Ramesh to vacate the hospital bed as quickly as possible.

Heartbroken Ramesh took the dead body in a bag and went to the District Collector’s office.  

Initially, Collector Amit Katariya could not understand the matter but later got details of the incident when he himself reached the hospital.  

Katariya immediately asked the Red Cross team to send Ramesh and his family back to Bijapur.  


The incident adds to a string of similar occurrences in the past, laying bare the shocking state of negligence and lack of sensitivity across India’s hinterland. 

In August last year, in Odisha's backward Kalahandi district, Dana Majhi was forced to carry his wife's body on his shoulder for 10 kilometres due to the alleged lack of an ambulance. Majhi's 42-year-old wife died of tuberculosis a day before at the district hospital at Bhawanipatna. 


In another incident, a man in Odisha’s Ghusapalli village was forced to walk six kilometres carrying his seven-year-old daughter’s dead body as the ambulance transporting them allegedly left them midway.  

The ambulance driver is reported to have asked the girl's parents to get down after coming to know that the girl has died on the way to Malkangiri district hospital.