Over 500 complaints of medical negligence pending in Bengal

06 September, 2015

The letter signed by DME Sushanta Banerjee warns eight doctors and nine nurses of State run super specialty hospital of severe punishment if the negligence is repeated in future. The letter clearly states that the “patient died only for negligence of duty lack of imitativeness and inhuman behaviour of doctors and sisters involved in her treatment”

“I had arranged blood but the doctors did not transfuse it for 24 hours. I lost my daughter and they have been left off lightly with only a warning,” Mr. Mondal told The Hindu from his residence at Swaroopnagar in State’s North 24 Parganas district.


Suhana’s case is just one of the many cases where patients have alleged medical negligence. The website of West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC) lists 376 cases of medical negligence in Bengal till May 2015, which are at various stages of investigation.


However, when approached Dilip Kumar Ghosh, the registrar of WBMC said that the number of complaints have crossed 500. “We are receiving more complaints and soon we will publish an updated list on website,” Mr Ghosh said.

Meanwhile, in a recent reply to information sought under Right to Information, Act, 2005 it has been revealed that the WBMC has taken action against just four doctors in the past four years.


Since 2000, action has been taken against 25 doctors, the RTI query filed by an organisation People for Better Treatment ( PBT) has revealed.


Interestingly, in a note, members of the Medical Council of India have referred to three State Medical Councils including WBMC of not deciding the complains filed to them in a timely manner resulting in complainants directly approaching MCI directly.


Commenting of the developments Kunal Saha, a doctor based in Ohio, US, who fought a long legal battle before Supreme Court in October 2013 directed a private Kolkata Hospital to pay highest ever compensation of Rs 11.5 crore for death of his wife said that it is important that statistics related to complaints made to the State Medical Councils come out.


Dr. Saha said the complaints of medical negligence are not seriously looked by the State medical council as the appointments to these bodies most of the time are political in nature.


West Bengal Medical Council

has taken action against just four doctors in the

past four years