Hyderabad 5 Mothers Died in Niloufer Hospital While Giving Birth To Babies

08 February, 2017

Hyderabad: Within just one-week duration, five mothers died while giving birth to their babies at Niloufer Hospital, which raised many questions over the medical negligence in the hospital. All the women went through C-section surgeries after which they suffered severe bleeding. The five deaths occurred between January 28 and February 4 this year.

On receiving orders from Health Minister Dr Laxma Reddy, the director of medical education, Dr M Ramani, went to the hospital to check on the situation. She said that a three-member team comprising of Dr Deep Raj Singh, Dr Rani and Dr Pratibha would look into all the issues that might have caused infection, such as quality of the drugs, checking of blood samples, hygiene in the operation theater etc.

The family members of the dead women held protests near the hospital said that they were asked to buy blood from outside by the Niloufer doctors as some of the women were anaemic.

When questioned about the same allegation, DME Ramani said that blood is available at the hospital, but she will look into the accusations made by the respective family members of the deceased.

5 mothers die after C-sections in Niloufer Hospital

The five deaths of women in a row in just a week time raised many eyebrows about the negligence of the hospital staff. Looking at the deaths and also the availability of the blood in the hospital the allegations made by the concerned families of a deceased point at the medical negligence issue strongly.

To recollect, at the same hospital, a piece of cotton was left inside a mother’s body last year after she underwent a C-section. Her health worsened immediately and she was rushed to Osmania Hospital, where scanning reports revealed the negligence of the Niloufer hospital doctors.

The government urges to go with institutional deliveries as they are safer, but the public hospitals seem to remain unfathomable since very low percentage of GDP is being invested in public health. The constant increase in maternal mortality questions the loopholes in the system.