Negligence led to dengue deaths in this part of city

08 February, 2017

LUCKNOW: For a constituency that has King George's Medical UniversityQueen Mary HospitalBalram pur Hospitaland Veerangana Avanti Bai Hospital under it, the issue of healthcare is crucial.

However, residents of the city do not have a good experience with government hospitals, something they see as a deciding factor in assembly elections.

A survey by TOI found that most people in the area were unaware of their MLA Mohammad Rehan of the Samajwadi Party. Lack of basic hygiene and the condition of the narrow by-lanes in the area are major concerns of residents.

Months into her pregnancy, Tarannum Hasan, a resident of Jauhari Mohalla, has been apprehensive of getting her medical card made at Queen Mary hospital, following a brush with undesirable behaviour from the staff. "Junior doctors are the ones mostly on duty. Patients are badly treated and general lack of hygiene and cleanliness even in labour rooms is not what you want. I ultimately decided to pay more to get better facilities at a private hospital," she said. "It is the government's duty to give the best health services to all but with elected representatives doing nothing, people are forced to run to private set-ups" she added.

Sharing the same concern was Shriya Saxena from Ashrafabad. "There is no information about health schemes, and government hospitals for women are in the most shoddy condition. Neither is there adequate staff, leading to long hours of waiting, nor is their behaviour any good."


In Napier Road Colony, Rafat Fatima has only seen private and NGO-aided health camps around her. "We had set up a health camp and found that majority of the women were anaemic. There is no outreach programme from government hospitals.They all want votes from us, but when it comes to giving back to society, you never get to even see their face," she said.


Irked with the dengue outbreak that had gripped the area in 2016, people said no anti-larvae fogging or awareness camp had been put up. "It was medical negligence that people were dying due to an outbreak and politicians were busy in painting a picture of fake development," said Rishikesh Solanki, a resident of Rajajipuram. "Candidates who have done genuine work previously will only stand ground in this election," he added.


"In Napier Road Colony, mobile medical van provided free treatment and medicine. This should be done in other parts too," said SH Kazmi from Thakurganj.


"People here don't trust allopathic medicine and homeopathy is popular.An MLA who sets up more homoeopathic units, looks into demands of general cleanliness and is regular on-ground worker would be helpful here," he said.