Mobs roughs up CDMO, alleges negligence caused patient death

13 August, 2015

The angry mob comprising over a hundred people barged into the CDMO’s chamber to protest against the death of the inpatient who allegedly because of negligence in providing timely medical assistance.

Tension mounted up at the hospital premises with armed police rushing to the hospital campus to restore the normal situation. “Situation has been brought under control.Police forces are camping at the hospital to prevent further breach of peace”, said Kendrapara Superintended of Police, Nitinjeet Singh.

A local Urban Body Councillor Hizbur Rehman alleged that Kudratun Nisha spouse of a daily wage earned admitted at the Obstetrics & Gynaecology (O&G) ward of the hospital died as doctors on duty considerably delayed in attending to her.

She gave birth to a stillborn child. Later she profusely bled. The doctors left her unattended resulting in her tragic death. As news of women’s death spread, locals laid siege to the CDMO Binyak Prusty’s chamber and beat him up.

The mob also ransacked his chamber. One of the doctors on duty also faced mob’s fury and was beaten up. The CDMO and the errant doctor were later rescued by police.

CDMO Binayak Prusty said: “I have been told by subordinates that patient was brought to hospital critical condition. An inquiry is being conducted to ascertain veracity in the allegations that medical negligence resulted in woman’s death.”