MPHRC issues missives over poor services in Bhopals Hamidia Hospital

24 December, 2016

MADHYA Pradesh Human Rights Commission (MPHRC) has taken cognizance of pathetic hospital treatment to poor people at Hamidia Hospital. Missives have been issued to Chief Medical Health Officer (CMHO), Dean Gandhi Medical College and Medical Superintendent of Hamidia Hospital.
Gulab Bai (65) and Govindlal (70) were not given proper medical treatment in the hospital.


Lack of medical attention Gulab Bai died. Govindlal was admitted to hospital on December 20 and later for operation he was asked to pay Rs 10,000 when he told the authorities he is unable to inability to provide the amount, the hospital administration asked him to move out of the hospital.

Additional to that there have been cases of rats eating away corpse in the premises of Hamidia Hospital. It is also being reported that, rodents have eaten away two corpses in the hospital premises while, the authorities failed to check the menace.

Gulab Bai (60) was bitten by rats a week ago. She along with several other poor people was kept under a shed erected by the voulnatry organisations in the premises of Hamidia Hospital. It was reported that, rats had eaten her eyes at night. A similar incident was reported fifteen days ago,when an elderly man Babulal had died and his body was also eaten by rodents.

It has to be mentioned that, this is not the first time such shocking case of medical negligence happened before also at Hamidia Hospital, few years back a few stray dogs ate away the dead body of a woman which was lying under the shade inside a hospital’s premises. Her body had to be sent for post-mortem but hospital authorities kept her corpse under a shade inside the premises. What’s shocking is that the hospital authorities said that, they have no information of the dead body eaten by stray dogs.