Four infants die in two days at Betul government hospital

15 December, 2016

Four infants have died in less than 48 hours at a govt hospital in Betul. The case came to light on Wednesday when the family members created a ruckus at the hospital alleging medical negligence.

The hospital management has confirmed only three deaths and no probe has been ordered in the case as yet. The health officials have refused to reveal the cause of deaths to the parents.

Refuting allegations of medical negligence, civil surgeon Dr. Ashok Bairanga said the infants were critical right since birth. All the infants were admitted to the special newborn care unit (SNCU).

Dr Ashok Bairanga, told HT, “The infants’ condition were critical since the time they were delivered at the hospital. One of them was a premature baby and was admitted on November 26. The other two had respiratory problems and their heartbeat wasn’t regular. It’s a co-incidence that all of them died one after the other. They were kept in SNCU ward. The hospital is not responsible for their deaths, as the deliveries were on time and we provided life support system but these infants did not survive.”

Kanti Mehra, wife of Sehdev, was referred from Chincholi to district hospital in Betul, she delivered a boy on Tuesday. The baby died on Wednesday.

Just like Kanti, Savita wife of Prasant , a resident of Athkhera lost her boy on Wednesday evening after few hours of delivery.

Champa, a resident of Sawri who came to district hospital for delivery, also lost her day-old child on Tuesday.

Shivkala from Multai met the same as Champa. Her husband Budhram Barode told HT, “The delivery took place much after we called on the doctors. My wife was dying of labour pain but the doctor did not bother to come in and that’s why heartbeat of my child wasn’t normal.”