Private hospital wrongly diagnoses patient, may face inquiry

18 December, 2016

GURGAON: A private hospital from the district may have to face an inquiry by the state medical council after the district health department found the hospital responsible of medical negligence. The hospital not only wrongly diagnosed a patient, but also treated the patient for the same. The matter will be sent to the state health department for further action.

The medical negligence came to light after Naveen Jain, a resident of Gurgaon Gam, filed a complaint at the district health office against Dr Vijay Sharma, who runs Apple Hospital on Sheetla Mata Road in old Gurgaon. Investigations by the Gurgaon chief medical officer (CMO) Dr Pushpa Bishnoi confirmed the allegations.

Naveen's wife Manisha (32) was suffeing from severe stomachache in May 2015. Dr Sanjay Narula from Civil Hospital suspected that Manisha had umbilical hernia, a health condition where the abdominal wall behind the navel is damaged, causing a bulge, and asked the patient to get an ultrasound done. But the couple was told to come after 10 days for the ultrasound. So, the couple instead decided to visit Apple Hospital, which was nearer, for a second opinion.

There, Dr Vijay Sharma wrongly diagnosed the ailment and told Naveen that his wife had a cyst in her abdomen instead. He claimed that the size of the cyst would shrink after medication, and prescribed medicines for the same.

Later, the couple returned to Civil Hospital with the report, but Dr Narula said that the report was not clear, and referred the case to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi.

"My wife was in extreme pain for weeks, so we decided not to go to Delhi. We returned to Apple Hospital and started the treatment, which went on for more than a month. However, this led to severe side-effects. Tests showed the size of the hernia had increased," Naveen told TOI.

The Jains went to another hospital, where the treatment to cure the side-effects from the wrong diagnosis went on for another six months. Finally, Manisha was operated in Civil Hospital for hernia earlier this year.


Naveen filed a complaint at CMO's office in June. Investigations by a team of health officers showed that the patient was wrongly diagnosed and treated.


Following this, Naveen filed a complaint at the district health office, which was forwarded to the office of the director of the state health department. On November 9, the director asked the CMO to submit a report in the matter. The CMO submitted a report on December 2, in which it stated that in the absence of the Clinical Establishments Act, it does not have the authority to take action against the hospital or the doctor.
When contacted, Dr Vijay Sharma told TOI that "the patient never got in touch with me after filing the complaint. So we cannot comment on this."