Now, an app to check Maharashtra doctors credentials

08 December, 2016

Doctors have developed a mobile application that will help patients check the credentials of the medical practitioners they consult. The app, created by the Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC), will also allow patients to file complaints about medical negligence.

The MMC is a statutory body, governed by the Medical Council of India to establish uniform and high standards of medical education in the state. 

It will use its database of 85,000 MBBS doctors to allow patients to check registration numbers of consulting doctors and their specialisation certificates. 

The app was developed by Dr Gurram Manik — a gynecologist from Solapur — and Parivartan, a team of eight doctors, of which four are from Mumbai. 

“Introducing an easy-to-use app brings about transparency between the medical fraternity and patients. Currently, there is no other easy way for people to check the authenticity of their doctors,” said Dr Gurram. 

He said they will add a specialisations feature to the app, using which, people will be able to check if a doctor who has specialised in a particular field is also practising it. 

Dr Ketan Parikh, a member of the team and a paediatric surgeon from Mumbai said the app will reduce the burden of pending cases of medical negligence. 


The MMC is yet to announce its decision on 600 of the 750 complaints of medical grievances filed between 2005 and 2015. 

“Currently, patients don’t have a platform where their complaints of medical negligence can be redressed.Officials will be able to check complaints on the app and decide whether they account for proceedings,” said Parikh. 

The app also has online continuing medical education (CME) so doctors can be made aware of new concepts and discoveries.