Medical negligence may cost toddler his leg

11 December, 2016

GOKAK : A 16-month-old boy of Pamaladinni village in Gokak taluk may lose a leg, allegedly due to a doctor’s negligence in administering an injection.

Siddappa Gangayi had taken his son Chandru, who was suffering from minor health problems to the doctor two days ago. The doctor reportedly administered an injection to the kid in the waist.
The following day, the toddler developed high fever, severe pain in one of the legs and was unable to stand up. Siddappa took his son back to the doctor who referred him to another doctor.

It was in Belagavi city that a doctor said the toddler was administered a high dose of injection which affected his leg. The family was then advised to seek specialist’s opinion to save the toddler’s leg.
A specialist in the city who diagnosed child said the treatment would be costly. Siddappa, who is a farmer, is now requesting for contributions from people for the treatment.

Speaking to media persons, Siddappa said when he contacted the doctor, she asked him to meet her at Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi’s residence in Gokak. Siddappa also alleged that he received threats over phone warning him against taking the matter further.

Gokak Taluk Primary Health Centre Medical Officer Ramesh Hulakund said he visited the house of Siddappa and got information about his son and the doctor.