Medical negligence case Medical negligence case: Family moves to MCI, CMO level probe to be transferred to MeerutFamily moves to MCI, CMO level probe to be transferred to Meerut

25 November, 2016

NOIDA: A family, which had alleged that their three-year old child died due to negligence of a doctor of a private hospital and had complained to the DM about the incident, is running pillar to post seeking justice.

A four-member committee including a gynaecologist, a physician, anaesthetist and a paediatrician from the district hospital was formed to look into the issue under the directions of the Chief Medical Officer.

However, dissatisfied with the probe committee's attitude, the family has now approached the Medical Council of India to seek justice. The MCI has forwarded the matter to the UP Medical Council.

Over a month after the inquiry was initiated, the family has alleged that the committee members have refused to take their version of the incident.

Hem Dhaundiyal, was diagnosed for cough and fever, by Dr. Anuj Jain of Yatharth Hospital, Greater Noida, first at the hospital's OPD and later at his home. However, even after three visits, his condition did not get any better. On October 5, he had to be admitted to the hospital at around 2 am.

According to the family, Hem was administered strong antibiotics due to a high CRP (C reactive protein-C) count. The test can help doctors determine a risk of heart stroke.

"When admitted, Hem's platelet count was 3, 04, 000 and haemoglobin was 16.2 HB. However, when he died of hypotensive shock around 11 pm, his platelet count was about 24000 and haemoglobin was 12 HB," JP Dhaundiyal, Hem's grandfather told TOI.

He said that despite the family's repeated insistence that Hem be taken to a better hospital, Dr Jain denied the same saying that he will them know if the need arises.

However, around 7pm, he gave them numbers of doctors from Jaypee hospital whom the family subsequently contacted, he said.

"We were shocked that the hospital neither had a paediatric ICU nor an ambulance. We called the doctors at Jaypee hospital and they sent an ambulance for Hem but we lost our child before we could reach the hospital. It was sheer negligence on the doctor's part," he said.

The family has also said that the inquiry committee members did not call them for taking their version.


ACMO Dr Shashi however told TOI that since the committee is not capable enough to conduct the inquiry because the medical board set up for the inquiry consists of a single paediatrician. "For such an inquiry, the entire board should be made up of paediatricians. So, we have decided to refer the matter to the Meerut Medical College," she said.

However, family members have termed this as dilly dallying. "Initially they said that they will call us for our version, then they did not listen to our side and now they have found another way to delay the probe. They should have told us earlier that that they are not capable," Dhaundiyal said.


When contacted, Dr Jain told TOI, "An inquiry is underway and I think things will be clear once its report comes. The doses prescribed were medically and clinically proven and misdiagnosis is not possible. I understand that the family is aggrieved but we maintained the child in ICU and it was a decision of the referral team to keep him under observation for three hours."