TS medical council hesitant to take action against doctors violating medical ethics

05 November, 2016

The Telangana State Medical Council seems to be lethargic in taking action against medical practitioners who are facing allegations of negligence and violating medical ethics during their course of treatment of patients. 

No action is taken by the Council in several recent cases of medical negligence despite growing number of complaints against them for violating the medical ethics. According to social activists, despite filing complaints against doctors no response has come from the Council. 

One such glaring case of medical negligence is that of ‘limb lengthening surgery’ of Nikhil Reddy, a software professional and the other is the ‘end stage chemotherapy treatment of an oral cancer patient'. Similarly, the cases against the doctors of Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital, whose negligence in performing cataract surgeries have cost 6 patients their eye sight. Despite many representations and complaints, the state medical council seems to take no interest in taking any disciplinary actions. 

Recently, a social activist Mujtaba Askari had field an RTI application seeking information as to what action has been taken against the erring doctors for the negligence and violations of ethics. “The way the government and the State Medical Council are dealing with the cases of medical negligence and ethical violations, it looks the state government and the MC has chosen to go slow on the erring doctors. All of them are saying that inquiries are being conducted, but for how long and when will they finally take action. It seems there is no one held accountable for these cases,” informed Askari. 

The case of the oral cancer patient, who was wrongly treated by the ‘Terry’s Cancer Centre’ is also delayed inordinately as the concerned district medical health officer of Hyderabad has not completed the inquiry against the erring cancer treatment centre, because of this delay, the case in the court is continuously pending.

Similarly in the case of the person who underwent illegal limb lengthening surgery by Global Hospital doctors is also pending for long.

Despite the completion of the enquiry and the hearing of chief orthopaedic surgeon Dr. G. Chandra Bhushan and the patient, the ethics committee of the medical council has not acted and as it wants to further deliberate on the issue before giving a verdict.

“We can not deliver verdicts just like that, there needs to be in detailed study and inquiry at every level to establish whether it is a medical negligence or violation of medical ethics. It will definitely take time and upon reaching a conclusion appropriate action will be taken against the erring doctors,” informed Dr. Ravinder Reddy chairman of TS Medical Council.