Medical negligence more cases under scanner

06 November, 2016

Telangana State Medical Council received 32 complaints involving 80 doctors this year

Telangana Medical Council’s suspension of a Kukatpally-based doctor treating infertility has brought to fore the prevailing extent of medical negligence in the State.

The council suspended Dr. Namratha of Srushti Test Tube Centre based on the complaint that the surrogate baby the doctor helped deliver was not of the biological parents. The couple, based in the US, made the discovery following genetic testing for visa purposes. Besides the five-year suspension, the council’s order also carried a lifetime ban on assisting surrogacy.

The council received 32 complaints involving 80 doctors this year. In some cases, as many as 20 doctors have been named. The council delivered its verdict in eight cases on Friday, including that of Nikhil Reddy, the 22-year-old who underwent a controversial limb lengthening procedure. The surgeon who performed the procedure, Dr. Chandra Bhushan, has been suspended for two years. Global Hospitals, where Dr. Bhushan performed the surgery on Mr. Reddy, has assured continued treatment to Mr. Reddy but maintained silence on the council’s verdict.

Dr. Ravinder Reddy, the council’s chairman stated other cases involving complaints of malpractice in dermatology are under enquiry.

“Enquiries usually take months before reaching a verdict. We are now enquiring into other cases including complaints regarding hair treatment,” he said. Though verdicts of the council can be challenged either in court or are stayed by orders from the government, the enquiry into cases will continue informed Dr. Reddy.

In the recent past, at least two instances of negligence involving improper anaesthesia use have been reported. A 35-year-old woman became comatose after anaesthesia procedure went wrong during infertility treatment. A police complaint was registered against the clinic located in Dilsukhnagar. In the second case, a five-year-old was rendered comatose due to anaesthesia following a thumb surgery.