Year of malpractice in medical sector costs patients lives

05 November, 2016

HYDERABAD: Malpractice in the medical sector is not something new, the World Medical Association (WMA) this year had appointed Dr Ketan Desai, a doctor tainted with corruption charges, as its president.
He was jailed in 2010 for his alleged involvement in accepting bribes from a private medical college.

In July this year, thirteen people lost their eyesight after a botched up eye surgery at Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital in Mehdipatnam here. They lost their sight after an infection. The cause for it was attributed to contaminated eye drops.

Earlier this year, Nikhil Reddy, an IT employee from Hyderabad, underwent a leg extension surgery after which he couldn’t walk. Dr Chandra Bushan, orthopaedic surgeon at Global Hospitals who led the surgery, has now been suspended for two years. Nikhil’s parents had alleged that he was misinformed by the doctor and that he was not explained the pros and cons of the controversial surgery.

Nikhil had kept his parents in the dark about his leg extension surgery.  In another case of severe negligence by doctors, a school teacher died after a failed anaesthesia during hysteroscopy. After the patient failed to wake up from the anaesthesia,  Dr Namratha of Srushti IVF Centre at Secunderabad instructed the patient’s husband to shift her to another hospital in the city, attempting to wash her hands off the case. Namratha, the chairman of the clinic, has now been banned for five years. She now faces a lifetime ban from performing surrogacy.

Similarly, Dr T Manoj Kumar was arrested for conducting unnecessary appendicitis surgeries on people from rural Karimnagar, the TSMC has suspended him for a period of three months. Seven doctors who were associated with these surgeries have been given stern warnings by the council.

The doctors had performed 583 appendicitis surgeries, 238 surgeries performed by the doctors were on children. Two other doctors, T Suresh Kumar and Ganesh were also arrested for the same office from Karimnagar. The doctors used to charge `9000 for the surgeries.