27 October, 2016

27 Oct, Gangtok : A biggest in Sikkim PPP hospital Central Referral Hospital CRH aka Sikkim Manipal Hospital located at Tadong once again comes under severe public criticism. On Sunday an aged woman Mrs Bishnu Maya Gurung suffering from asthma , vomiting and diarrhoea hailing from Gerethang West Sikkim was admitted at CRH emergency unit. Later she was shifted to female general ward after medication. It happened that on Monday a nurse who mistook this lady as diabetic patient administered her insulin due to which the lady’s health worsened after some minutes , she started feeling dizziness , palpitation , sweating. The insulin administered to her affected nearly for 7 to 8 hours after which she started regaining health.
The matter was published in VOS social media where thousands of readers started questioning on negligence and blunder of hospital side. As many readers also flayed CRH hospital on basis of their past experiences , as many have shared problems that they faced but no any corrective step was taken by hospital until now.
Having storming criticism in Facebook on 25 Oct the Hospital Officiating Medical Superintendent issued an apology in writing to the family of aggrieved patient accepting their mistake committed by the nurse.
In an apology letter, the hospital accepts to bear expenditure incurred for the mistake and take a necessary action for lapses after an inquiry.
This is necessarily a big lapse from a big hospital part where thousands of patients from all walks of life visits for health care service all the way from remotest corner of Sikkim as well as outside states. It may be recalled here in past the infamous hospital was come in headlines for medical negligence in several occasion.
A big question remains unanswered that how far hospital will acknowledge their commitment in service of people?, will the trend of negligence stop here or it will take up in consolation as usual, that is what is looming inside mind of people, ‘To trust CRH anymore or Not’ after all it’s related to life and nobody wants to die becoming a victim of ‘Medical Negligence’!