Medicos death police to seek opinion

18 October, 2016

The Thrikkakara police investigating the case of the death of medical student Shamna Tasneem is likely to seek the opinion of an appellate body as the medical board that had submitted the report on the alleged medical negligence did not have a consensus on the issue.

A case was registered for alleged negligence in the treatment of the student in the Government Medical College, Ernakulam, and the police had sought the opinion of the medical board with subject experts and forensic experts on the issue.

While the opinion of the medical board is that there is no prima facie negligence in the treatment, there are issues in documentation and skill and care. The five members of the medical board were not unanimous on the issue.


This led the police to seek an opinion from a higher appellate body. The medical student, who was admitted in the college hospital, was administered a drug called Ceftriaxone after being given a test dose.

However, the medical board had said that according to the documents produced from the hospital, they had concluded that the patient had developed allergic reaction to the drug, which according to medical literature can occur in 0.1 per cent of patients.’s-death-police-to-seek-opinion/article16074791.ece