Mumbai Disgruntled man labels Sion doctors as kidney chor

18 October, 2016

Even before the city could recover from the shock of the kidney racket that was exposed in Hiranandani Hospital, another shocker has come in the form of a poster at Sion Hospital, which claims that senior doctors of major civic-run hospitals are ‘kidney thieves’.

According to sources, the husband of a patient who was operated for cancerous esophagus in 2013, put up the poster. His wife died hours after the surgery and since then he has been alleging that the death was due to medical negligence. A police complaint has been filed against him for harassing senior doctors in the hospital.

On Monday morning, accused Tulsiram Kedar put up a poster near gate number 7 of the OPD at Sion Hospital against three senior doctors, including Dr Avinash Supe, the director of major hospitals accusing them of being ‘kidney thieves’.

Dr Shetna from the hospital who did the surgery said, “He has been blackmailing and harassing us since a long time. We have filed a complaint against him at Sion police station.” However, the cops did not take any legal action against Kedar and had just warned him. “These are all false allegations. Kedar had even beaten up a doctor. The inquiry conducted by JJ Hospital shows that there was no negligence on our part,” said Dr Supe.

Talking to Midday, a police officer said Kedar had filed a medico-legal case against the doctors in 2013 immediately after his wife’s death. “After the case was lodged, the JJ Hospital committee probed the matter but did not find any medical negligence in the treatment and dismissed it. It is now in our hands. If the committee gives the verdict we can file an FIR against the doctor but if they dismiss the case, we can’t do anything,” said the officer. “Doctors from the hospital are complaining that the person is harassing them. So, we will take steps as per the need,” he added.