Relatives of woman stage protest alleging medical negligence

07 October, 2016

The parents and family of a 24-year-old woman, who had been admitted to a private hospital near Bedford in Coonoor, staged a protest in front of the hospital on Thursday night, alleging the hospital of medical negligence and misdiagnosis, after the health of the woman took a turn for the worse in the evening.

The Nilgiris district police said that the patient at the hospital, B Kavitha, from Coonoor, was the daughter of a daily wage worker. She had fallen ill a few days back and was admitted to the private hospital. However, her condition deteriorated, and she began developing lesions on her face and the rest of her body on Thursday.


Doctors then recommended that Kavitha be taken to Coimbatore for treatment, and transferred her to a private medical facility there. However, the family staged a protest alleging that the hospital had misdiagnosed the illness Kavitha was suffering from, and also accused the hospital of medical negligence. They demanded that the hospital pay for the expenses incurred by Kavitha at the hospital in Coimbatore.

The police said that the doctors had told them that the girl could have suffered an allergic reaction to a drug. They held talks and managed to diffuse the situation.