Woman with cancer left unable to have sex after failed breast implant surgery

26 September, 2016

A mother-of-two who underwent a double mastectomy in 1997 after a cancer scare has revealed how failed breast implants have caused her severe physical damage. Aly Tate, 56, decided to have her breasts removed and then get silicone implants after discovering lumps in her chest.

Tate, who reportedly had to go through 21 operations in the past 19 years, fears that she will have to remain single for the rest of her life and confesses that her children are her only means of emotional solace. As a result of the trauma she suffered, Tate is now planning to sue the NHS and hopes to warn other women who might be considering going for the same treatment. “I don't feel like a woman any more, I'm a walking blob. I'm terrified for the future because I have no doubt this will kill me. Silicone has gone really deep in my chest wall and it's in my lymph nodes,” she complains.

Her condition led her to be shifted to mental health teams and even a transgender clinic. Tragically most of her clitoris was also surgically removed in a case of medical negligence. “I had a partner after the breakdown of my marriage but now I think I'm better off on my own,” she told the Daily Mail.