22 September, 2016


After existing doctor named in FIR; suspends 2 nursing staff and orders an inquiry into prescription swap believed to have led to kidney patient's death

First, the Inlaks and Budhrani Hospital authorities blamed deceased patient Chandrakant Walke's kin for not checking the discharge summary carefully. A swap with the prescription of another patient had led to wrong medication and the subsequent death of Walke, who was on dialysis. Now, with their back against the wall after a police complaint for medical negligence, the hospital has suspended two of its nursing staff and even advertised for a new nephrologist.

Walke's daughter Jyoti had filed a case with Koregaon Park police station against the hospital in the last week of August, after Walke died two days into his discharge. It was then revealed that he was handed over a wrong prescription. "After the case was filed, we had to explain ourselves and we did. It later transpired that the discharge papers, which are only two sheets, were mixed up with another patient's prescription. Thus, in a hurry, the patient's son took three pages home. Now, this mix-up, along with the consumption of wrong medicines, cost Walke his life. However, this serves as an education for other patients and their relatives to be watchful whenever they are getting discharged. Now, after the case was filed, not only have we ordered a detailed inquiry but have also suspended the two nurses who were actually at the nursing station during the discharge," Dr Asha Relwani, medical superintendent of Inlaks told Pune Mirror in the hospital's defense.

But sources from the hospital claimed that it was also looking for a new nephrologist and had suspended Dr Sachin Patil, who was involved in Walke's treatment. But Relwani insisted, "Yes, we are looking for one more nephrologist and have even issued an advertisement for that. But Dr Patil has not been asked to leave as he sees around 25 to 26 patients with kidney diseases daily, who come to him for regular dialysis."

But, when Mirror contacted Patil, who has also been named in the medical negligence case, he said, "Even I have heard that the hospital is looking for a nephrologist and are removing me. But so far, the authorities have not asked me to leave. Yet, after the incident, I have not gone to the hospital as I am too embarrassed to even look around. People are doubting my innocence, even though everybody is aware that I was not the one who gave away the wrong prescription to the patient."

Meanwhile, fresh information about Walke's health condition has revealed that he was suffering from severe hypertension as well as Hepatitis C. "This may have hampered his blood pressure levels and he could have even succumbed while dialysis. Walke was extremely fragile, suffering from a chronic kidney ailment for the last three years," said Relwani.

A Pune Hospital Association member even applauded Inlak's unbiased stand, saying, "Their actions are noteworthy and appreciable as a hospital usually supports its staff under every circumstance. But here, the hospital took a stand and has stuck to it."

It seems like Inlaks is bent on shifting blame to others, whether it is patients' kin or its own staff, in order to tide over its troubled waters.