Medical negligence claims life of pregnant woman, child

09 September, 2016

New Delhi: In the Mizrapur district of Uttar Pradesh, an elderly man was reported carrying his pregnant daughter-in-law on his shoulder knocking the doors of hospitals, both government and private hospital. But due to the carelessness of doctors in the emergency ward, the lady and her child both lost their lives.
As per reports, the incident took place on September 4 when the victim complained of labour pain. She was transported to the district hospital in an ambulance. However, in the absence of wheelchairs, the father-in-law of the lady carried her on his shoulder to the emergency ward. With no attention there, he had to carry her back to the private ward. He was yet again sent back to the emergency ward where the doctors available put her on drips for over five hours. By the time the treatment began, the child was reported dead and the infection affected the mother too. She was then referred to a hospital in Varanasi where she lost her battle with life.
Kapoor Chand Pandey, the father-in-law, said that the negligence by the medical professionals cost him his daughter-in-law and her kid. He said that both lives could have been saved had they been attended to in time. However, there are no reports of an official complaint being filed.