Mumbai civic docs accused of negligence as boy complains about surgical glove lodged inside his thigh

03 September, 2016

New Delhi: Doctors at a BMC-run hospital in Mumbai have been accused of gross medical negligence by a family of a 17-year-old boy after the patient complained his leg was paining severely.

The boy, named Shahid Khan, had met with a motorbike accident in October last year. He was immediately taken to the BMC-run hospital where he was operated upon for muscle tear and minor crack in the left thigh bone.

Ten months pass the surgery, the boy started to experiencing intense pain in his leg which was subdued by antibiotics and painkillers prescribed by a private physician. But on August 30 this year, the sealed wound suddenly burst open and Shahid was immediately rushed to the physician who found a surgical glove lodged inside the boy's thigh.

“The victim started experiencing intense pain in June this year, after which a private physician prescribed antibiotics and painkillers. On August 30, the wound burst open and he was rushed to the private physician, who found a surgical glove in the thigh," it was mentioned in the police complaint lodged at the Bandra Police station.

The father of the boy, Abdul Khan, alleged that he had spent Rs 20,000 at the BMC-run hospital for the operation, a sum which he considered astoundingly large.

“We are speaking to the hospital management to know how many doctors were present inside the operation theatre. A first information report could be filed after a thorough probe," the police said after confirming the news.

The BMC responded to the allegations by saying  that it was "baseless". “Such a thing is just not possible. A glove remaining inside the body for 10 months is unbelievable, and this is a fabricated allegation," said Dr Pradeep Jadhav.