Surgeon leaves a clip in patients body

20 August, 2016

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The popular medical joke about the absent-minded surgeon, who forgets surgery equipment inside the patient's body, happened for real at the Nedumangad Taluk Hospital here. 

But it was no joke for the patient and her relatives. Laila Beevi, 45, of Tholikode near Nedumangad was the patient, who became a victim of callousness of a team of doctors.

The surgery in question took place on Thursday morning. The problem was detected without much delay and the equipment, a towel clip made of metal, that was left inside the patient's body was taken out on the same day following another surgery that was conducted at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College Hospital.

Laila Beevi was admitted to Nedumangad Taluk Hospital for the treatment of a fibroid growth in her uterus. 

On Thursday morning, she was subjected for a surgery to remove the fibroid. The clip that was left inside her uterus post the surgery was one among a few that were used to hold the uterus in position without any movement during the surgery. 

The issue was detected soon when the team prepared the inventory of the equipment used post the surgery. They took an X-ray of the patient and found out that they had failed to remove the clip before applying the stitches. 

The family of Laila Beevi alleged that the clip was left inside the body after it broke during the surgery. According to them the hospital authorities kept the family clueless about the condition of the patient. The x-ray examination was done almost two hours after the surgery at a private lab.


However, the officials of Nedumangad Taluk Hospital maintained that there was no medical negligence from their part and the patient was referred to MCH for better care.


As official statement issued by MCH on Friday said that the condition of Laila Beevi was improving.


After the issue became public, health minister K K Shylaja has ordered the district medical officer to conduct a detailed probe into the matter and file a report at the earliest. 


K S Sabarinathan, MLA, also visited Laila Beevi at the medical college hospital on Friday.