Four months old infant dies in SAT Thiruvananthapuram; Parents cry foul, lodges police complaint

14 July, 2016

Thiruvananthapuram:  A four month old infant Rudra who was admitted to the SAT hospital, Thiruvananthapuram for skin infection died here on Sunday. The parents of the latter have filed a complaint with the medical college police against the hospital authorities for medical negligence.

“My four month old daughter was brought to SAT hospital as she had developed rashes which eventually turned to an infection from the napkin used. The doctors prescribed ointments and pills, taking after which my child’s condition worsened. The skin was found to be shriveled,” said a mourning father Suresh to Evartha.

Suresh even accuses the hospital authorities to have approached him for a settlement.

“If they didn’t have made a mistake on their part why would they approach me for a settlement? I strongly believe that my child was used as a specimen for the junior doctors practicing there. They finally concluded my daughter died of liver ailment which is completely untrue,” added Suresh.

Rudra was kept for five days in the ICU and latter shifted to the ward.

Mean while Medical College police station SHO (Station Head Officer) Bejoy told to Evartha that they are waiting for the district medical officer’s (DMO) report as to confirm whether if any medical negligence occurred.