Four month old baby dies, parents allege medical negligence

15 July, 2016

Thiruvananthapuram: Medical college police have begun probe following the death of a four-year-old child at SAT hospital here on Sunday. A complaint was filed by the parents of the child; Suresh and Ramya. 

According to the parents, their four-month-old daughter Rudra was taken to hospital for treatment of a sore which they thought to be diaper rash.

Rudra was admitted to hospital and her skin started to wither away after the hospital authorities reportedly administered some medicines, according to the complaint. Her condition became critical and she had to be shifted to ICU. She died on Sunday. 

The parents have alleged that the baby died of medical negligence. As per the complaint Rudra was kept in ICU for five days. 

Medical College station house officer Bijoy S said that police have received a complaint and are expecting a report from DMO. Suresh, father of Rudra has told media that the hospital authorities tried to convince him that Rudra died of liver failure.

A case will be filed if DMO cites medical negligence in his report. DMO is expected to submit a report on the case on Friday.



However, hospital authorities said that the child was undernourished and died of acute malnutrition.


"The child was fed mostly on breast feed substitutes and this was given in a highly diluted form. The baby died of a condition called severe acute malnutrition oedema ( accumulation of fluid in body tissues and cavities)," said a hospital source.


Acute form of malnutrition turned fatal as internal organs of baby were affected which led to multi-organ failure, the source said.