Dad files complaint against hospital

23 June, 2016

In his complaint, Purushottam narrated the incident that led to his son's present condition. He alleged medical negligence on the part of the doctors and sought legal action against them. Cubbon Park police acknowledged receiving the complaint. 



"I reached Mallya Hospital at 12.45pm and met my son who was in the custody of the school staff. His left hand's middle finger was crushed and the skin had peeled off. The lady doctor informed us the middle finger is damaged beyond repair and needs to be operated upon...His surgery had to be performed in six hours," the complaint read. 


Purushottam said he paid Rs 25,000 at the counter, after which his son was shifted to a ward. "The lady doctor informed me that the surgery would start at 3.30pm. I was asked to surrender the receipt at the operation theatre (OT)... the ward boy came and asked me if my son had eaten anything. I told him he ate during the school break. A duty nurse came to weigh my son...the whole time, my son was hale and hearty," he added. 


"They took my son into OT at 4.30pm. The plastic surgeon entered the OT after 15 minutes and he told us he would need 15-20 minutes to inform us whether he could save both or only one finger," said Purushottam in the complaint. At 7.15pm, he saw the plastic surgeon again. He told Purushottam Lakshay's lungs were punctured due to respiratory is sues. "We were shocked. We saw him lying unconscious in the OT at 7.30pm, with pipes in his mouth, nose and lungs," he said. "My son is in coma since 10-06-2016 due to medical negligence on the part of Mallya Hospital. He is still on ventilator...I want you to take strict action against doctors at Mallya Hopsital, who are responsible for this," Purushottam said.