24 June, 2016

In yet another case of medical negligence, doctors at Fortis hospital in Shalimar Bagh on Wednesday operated on the wrong leg when a man fell off the stairs.

Ravi Rai (24), from Delhi fell of the stairs and broke his right leg. When he was rushed to the hospital, the orthopedic surgeons operated on the left leg and put multiple screws. The victim's family claimed that the hospital had also tried to brush it off as a 'mistake'.

Ram Karan Rain, Ravi's father said, "The doctors said surgery was needed to fix the bones. We agreed but wanted some time to arrange the insurance papers. So a temporary cast was put. It's incomprehensible how they missed the marks left by the cast and operated on the wrong foot. It is a case of medical negligence and the doctors must be punished suitably for this."
The incident came to light when Ravi came to his senses and realized about it.

Following this, the two orthopedic surgeons, two nurses and an OT technician were sacked and the hospital issued a statement: "Following yesterday's incident, we immediately set up an expert committee to enquire into the matter. Their preliminary view suggests that in the rarest of aberrations, the operating team may have disregarded and sidestepped due processes. We take our obligation to our patients very seriously. As this is a zero tolerance area for us, the services of erring doctors and OR personnel (five) have been dispensed forthwith."

Ravi was later shifted to Max hospital, which would decide what can be done further.  Dr Palash Gupta, associate director of joint replacement and orthopedics at Max Shalimar Bagh said the screws from left leg must be removed immediately.
"If the angle of the weight-bearing region of the injured heel is found to be extensively damaged, we might have to do surgery to stabilise it but that's not been decided yet," he said.