Allegation on private nursing home in Mulund for the death of women

21 June, 2016

Mumbai: The family member of a 51-year-old woman have alleged medical negligence against a private nursing home at Mulund, when she died recently while undergoing treatment for excessive bleeding and was to be operated.

Police sources said that the victim, Sheeja Reji, was a resident of Powai and had been complaining of excessive bleeding for some time. She was initially treated at a local hospital but was then referred by the doctor to a higher institution for treatment. Following this, she was admitted to a private nursing home at Mulund on June 18 and was to be taken up for a hysterectomy operation on June 20.

In a police statement, her husband Revi Padmanabhan said that when he went to see his wife in the nursing home in the morning of June 19, he found her in an unconscious state and he immediately alerted the nurse on duty. The patient was shifted to the intensive care unit and the doctors tried to resuscitate her, but she died after some time. The husband has alleged that there was negligence on part of the nursing home and has demanded that the police should be take action in this regard.

When asked about the case, senior inspector Rajaram Vhanmane of Mulund police station said that they are currently inquiring the matter and are waiting for the medical reports.

“In every case of alleged medical negligence the matter has to be referred to a medical board at JJ Hospital, which gives its opinion on whether is any negligence on part of the doctor and then action is taken accordingly,” he explained.

Sources said that the patient was given a blood transfusion the previous evening before her death since she was anemic.

“The police have been asked to seize the blood bags that were used to give the blood transfusion and check the blood group and match it with the woman’s group,” a medical source said.

It is possible that there was a mismatched blood transfusion in this case and has led to the death of the patient, an official said.

The cause of death has been kept pending in this case since the body viscera has been sent for accessory examinations.

“Only when we get the report of these examinations it would be possible to give the cause of death,” the official said.