Medical negligence Teen dies after minor surgery goes wrong

21 June, 2016

  1. The doctors had said there was a growth and that it has to be removed surgically.
  2. The child is reported to have had the surgery on June 18. 
  3. After an hour into the surgery, the mother was informed that the surgery was done and she was even shown some tissue that was removed. 
  4. Soon after that there was a lot of activity and around 12:30pm Hamsa was informed that her child was dead.
  5. She was made to sign the exit papers soon after.
  6. After taking the body home, the family returned to get a postmortem done suspecting a case of negligence. 
  7. But the family was shocked when the post-mortem report came in. The report stated the date of death as June 17, a day before the surgery.
  8. The mother has said the doctors had informed her that the surgery will be conducted in the throat but then when Hamsa received the body she saw surgical marks on the neck.
  9. "The doctors are responsible for the death of my child. They had said that the surgery will be done through the throat but then there are cut marks in the neck. My child did not have any other medical condition," said Hamsa, the mother.