5-year-old boy continues to be in altered consciousness after medical negligence

20 June, 2016

BENGALURU: The doctors treating Lakshay P, 5, who had hurt his fingers while playing at his desk in class on June 10 and landed in coma after a week due to alleged medical negligence at Mallya Hospital, are concerned about his brain functions which did not respond to medication too well yet, although his vitals and eco dynamics are stable now, reported the authorities from Manipal Hospitals, where the boy is presently undergoing treatment.



Lakshay, who had injured his ring and middle finger of the left hand was taken to the operation theatre for a plastic surgery of his middle finger after which he slipped into coma as reported by the surgeon who had performed the surgery on him and was shifted to Manipal Hospitals by his parents later.

Dr Murli Srinivas, Medical Superintendent of Manipal Hospitals, said: "His MRI report reveals hypoxic changes which mean there was reduced oxygen in blood flow and his brain did not receive adequate oxygen for some time. His breathing and blood pressure are stable at the moment, but we are only concerned about his brain functions. He is in a state of altered consciousness and has not gained complete consciousness yet. Generally, in such cases, it takes weeks for the brain to respond normally."


"His health condition has not improved even a bit and he is in the same state as before. Although we have not lodged a police complaint regarding medical negligence yet owing to the mental state of his parents, we would do that shortly," said Vinod Reddy, the family friend.