Coronation hospital shut after dead patients kin thrash doc

06 June, 2016

DEHRADUN: In another instance of attack on medical practitioners, a doctor, S K Verma, at Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital (Coronation hospital) was beaten up with slippers by the relatives of a patient who died of a heart attack on Monday. The relatives of the patient, Rajesh Kumar (48), who was a resident of Shahid Rajesh Rawat Colony, alleged that a wrong injection was given because of which the patient suffered a heart attack and died.

Following the incident, the hospital administration has decided to keep the hospital shut until the culprits are nabbed. Patients had a difficult time after the hospital was shut down. 

Wife of the patient, Asha Devi, alleged, "My husband complaint of pain in the left shoulder and arm and went to the Coronation hospital OPD at around 10 am. Doctor prescribed some painkiller injection to him and upon reaching home he started sweating heavily and died on the spot. This is sheer medical negligence."

As soon as the doctor at the hospital confirmed that Rajesh had expired, relatives of the deceased started beating the doctor.



Dr Bharti Rana, chief medical superintendent of the hospital, said, "This is unacceptable. How can patients or guardians simply barge into the hospital and start thrashing doctors? All the patients are asked to stay back in the hospital at least for half an hour, but he headed home and was brought dead to the hospital. No one knows the actual reason of death until we get the post-mortem report."


Meanwhile, district head of Provincial Medical Health Services (PMHS) of Uttarakhand Dr Pankaj Shukla said that a complaint has been registered at Dalanwala police station by the doctor. "We want strict action against the unruly people so that no one dares repeat such behaviour. Coronation hospital staff will resume work once the culprits are nabbed." he added.


Sensing rising furore among the medical staff at the hospital, a senior officer of PMHS reached the spot and assured complete support to the staff of Coronation hospital. Speaking to the media, Dr Naresh Napchyal, general secretary of PMHS, said, "We want the police to nab the culprits at the earliest or else we will join our colleagues at Coronation hospital and shut the hospitals across the state."