Rising healthcare costs lead to protests at IMA Dehradun office

06 June, 2016

DEHRADUN: Disappointed at the escalating cost of medical services and supposed "misguidance" by doctors , many residents of Dehradun conducted a protest at the Indian Medical Association ( IMA ) office on Monday. The protesters included people whose relatives had died due to medical negligence or those who were overburdened by the cost of treatment. 

The protesters also gave a 10-point memorandum to the president of IMA, Dr. J. P. Sharma, seeking quick implementation of an 'Ethics Committee' for doctors which can regulate the doctors and their working. The memorandum comprised several significant issues ranging from collaboration of doctors with drug companies to increased vigilance on pathology tests. 

Sharing her problems one of the protesters, Radhika Sharma, said that her husband was admitted for about months together in different hospitals however, he was not diagnosed with any problem and eventually in October 2015 he expired. 

She alleged that doctors in this city are constantly misguiding the patients and sending them from one point to other for infinite pathology tests, which is the easiest way to mint money for them. "My husband was told that he had worms in his sputum, we kept on giving his that treatment, however, later he was identified with cardiac problem. So, either the doctors are fraud or they are keeping guardian in darkness for milking money." she added. 


The protesters were led by Asha Manorama Dobriyal Sharma, president of Manorama Dobriyal Sharma Memorial Foundation, who said, "Now getting ill has also become the right of rich class because a poor cannot afford treatment. It is sad that doctors are seeing their patients as source of money rather behaving like a god's own man to cure their problems. We want health department to implement an Act/ethic committee so that doctors are also bound legally." 



Meanwhile, the president of IMA, Dr. J. P. Sharma, said, "The protestors have given a ten-point memorandum which will be passed on to our executive committee for further action so that patients can get away from such fraud doctors and malpractices which are unfortunately rising in the state." 



Interestingly, TOI has learnt through top sources of health department that Uttarakhand will soon implement the rules of Clinical Establishment Act in the state after which medical experts will work as per the centre government laid Act which is believed to be more transparent. Uttarakhand is among those handful states of India which are yet to implement the Act.