New born baby dies

01 June, 2016

Yet another death due to alleged medical negligence has come to light, this time in Mayabunder Hospital.  A new born baby is reported to have died after being brought to GB Pant Hospital here in a critical condition from Mayabunder.

Alleging gross negligence on the part of the doctor attending on his pregnant wife, Mr. Rajesh Hathiya, father of the deceased child, told this correspondent that his wife Mrs. Sangeeta Sikdar was taking treatment from time to time at Sub Centre Mohanpur, PHC Kalighat, Arun Hospital and Govt Hospital Mayabunder.  The expected date of delivery was given 19th May.  On the due date, Sub Centre Mohanpur asked him to take his wife to Mayabunder Hospital. The couple visited Mayabunder Hospital on 20th May where they were told to come on 23rd May.

“On 22nd May, my wife suffered labour pain and as such we rushed to Mayabunder Hospital where she was admitted at 6.30 a.m. My wife was having continuous labour pain since morning but Dr. Kanika, Gynecologist, visited the hospital only in the evening at 5 p.m. in spite of repeated calls from the staff. I requested the doctor to refer the case to Port Blair but she refused saying that it was a normal case.  At 9 a.m., on 23rd May, the baby came out on its own and got stuck from his neck.  The doctor came at 9.45 a.m.  The delivery took place without the assistance of doctor.  My wife was given 38 stitches.  At 12.30 p.m. my wife was again taken to operation room for the removal of cotton pads which were left inside her uterus,” said Mr. Rajesh Hathiya narrating his tale of woe following the death of their first baby.

The new born baby was in a critical condition and had to be air lifted to Port Blair for treatment.  In spite of best efforts of the doctors at GB Pant Hospital here, the baby could not be saved and died on Monday.

On being contacted, Dr. (Mrs) Zameela, MS, Mayabunder Hospital, told this correspondent that Dr. Kanika is a good Gynecologist and she must have considered it a normal delivery case.  Nobody can predict what will happen later.  She cannot be blamed for the unfortunate incident, said the MS in defence of Dr. Kanika.

Dr. Kanika, on the other hand, when contacted, refused to offer any comment.

Meanwhile, the Member of Parliament, Mr. Bishnu Pada Ray has taken the issue very seriously.  He is reported to have visited the baby at GB Pant Hospital here and also made enquiries at Mayabunder Hospital.  He could not be reached despite repeated calls.  Bus according to sources, the MP is very much anguished and like the previous cases of medical negligence is likely to take up the latest one also at an appropriate level.