45-year-old hysterectomy patients kin allege repeated medical negligence

01 June, 2016

CHENNAI: The kin of a 45-year-old patient who developed complications after a hysterectomy procedure, are alleging that the operation went awry due to medical negligence.

D Chitra, who runs a provision store in Ennore was admitted to Shri Sathya Sai Medical College and Research Institute in Nellikuppam, Kancheepuram, two months back with abdominal pain and urine outflow problem.

Speaking to Express, D Sundar, son of the patient said, the doctors took the patient for hysterectomy on May 19, 2015 as she was suffering from menorrhagia, a condition in which menstrual periods  characterised by abnormally high or prolonged bleeding.

During the operation, the doctors caused injury to the urinary bladder. Then they called the urologist and repaired it. After she was brought to the ward, a few hours later, the patient had urine flow from the umbilical cord. So, she was again taken for another procedure on the same night. She was then, put on a urinary tube for two months, and was discharged from the hospital, all these days she was kept in ICU, he added.

However, she continually suffered from abdominal pain, after the treatment. She was re-admitted to the same hospital when the doctors found that her urine was not draining out. They operated on her again and put a stent to correct the problem.

Speaking to Express Dr J Mohanasundaram, dean of college, said the hysterectomy was performed by an experienced surgeon.

“The bladder injury that happened during the procedure was immediately operated by urologists and the patient was discharged normally. Bladder unjury is common during a hysterectomy. Now, the patient admitted for the treatment to abdominal pain. It could be possibly because of  urinary tract infection in this summer. We are also giving free treatment including scan and other tests,” Mohanasundaram added. 

The medical reports accessed by  Express confirms that the patient suffered a bladder injury.

“Now, my mother does not pass urine normally and puss is being discharged while passing urine. She is suffering from extreme pain,” Sundar alleged