Medical Negligence Handicaps Child, Light Punishment For Doctor

25 May, 2016

In a case that could only be termed as gross medical negligence, a family has been left heartbroken as their three-year-old daughter has been rendered handicapped and yet the doctor got away with a light punishment.

Sudeeksha, who lives with her family in Varanasi, suffered radiation burns three years ago when she was kept in an incubator, shortly after her birth.

A short-circuit had led to a fire which resulted in severe burns to the newborn baby’s body. Her parents have claimed that she was left unattended by the doctors while she was in the incubator.

The incident took place at Shekhar hospital. Sudeeksha was under the care of Dr Satish Mishra and Dr Abha Rani Mishra. However, the doctors were awarded a punishment of a just one year’s suspension of practicisng licence and no compensation was provided to the victim and her family