KGMOA protests against attack on doctor

18 May, 2016

The Kerala Government Medical Officers’ Association (KGMOA) has demanded that the police arrest the person who attacked a pregnant woman doctor on duty at the Kottarakkara Taluk Hospital alleging medical negligence, following an incident wherein a woman had died during childbirth at the hospital.

The KGMOA pointed out that the woman had been given all due care during delivery and that she died either due to a rare and unexpected obstetric emergency called amniotic fluid embolism or following injection anaphylaxis, as a reaction to one of the antibiotic drugs, cefotaxim.

The said drug, distributed in government hospitals, had been reported to cause side effects in other instances also and, hence, should be withdrawn and quality ensured, the KGMOA demanded.

“It is unfair and wrong to raise allegations of medical negligence every time a patient dies, without ascertaining the facts.

Such unfounded allegations by vested interests and a section of the media are destroying the credibility of government hospitals and pushing the public to depend on corporate hospitals, where they end up incurring impoverishing expenditure,” the KGMOA pointed out.

It said that the Payyannur Taluk Hospital, where over hundreds of deliveries used to happen every month, was no more a place that the public frequented because of the furore unleashed in the media over an incident wherein it was alleged that a woman’s privacy had been breached during delivery. The incident had been later proven to be totally false, the KGMOA said.

It demanded that the accused in the Kottarakkara incident be arrested and that the government ensure a safe and secure working environment for doctors in hospitals.