Parents allege medical negligence for death of baby

04 May, 2016

 Alleging medical negligence as the reason for the death of their 3 months old baby at PHC Lazu, the parents of the baby are still awaiting justice.
On May 2, the Khonsa District Court directed the OC Lazu Police Station to register an FIR under regular criminal case and launch immediate investigation for the death of the baby after almost four months.
Earlier on Jan 8, instead of registering a regular criminal case, the OC, Police Station Lazu treated the case as unnatural death by registering it at Lazu PS/UD Case No 01/2016 under section 174 Cr PC which is mere process of preliminary inquiry to conduct inquest of the dead body of a deceased.
According to Advocate CW Mantaw who is the petitioner of the case, ‘The steps taken by the investigation agency under Section 174 of code of criminal procedure cannot be termed as registration of the case under law because the criminal case is registered under section 154 CrPC but not under section 174 CrPC.
Reportedly, despite the complaint, Lazu police has not conducted any preliminary inquiry till date. The complainants nor any of his family members have been examined by the investigation officer to record their statement, no arrest has been made till date and furthermore, no post mortem report and viscera test report have been disclosed to the applicant violating all the rules and procedures of criminal laws as mandated in code of criminal procedure and also guidelines set by various High Court and Supreme Court.
The injustice by Lazu police had forced Morin Moinyak, 27, father of the deceased infant to knock the Court’s door. ‘The verdict of the district court in our favor has strengthened our spirit to fight a lengthy battle against the system’, shared the mourning father.
Allegedly, the medical negligence carried out by the officials of PHC Lazu led to the death of the three months old Chombo Moinyak of Noglo village on Jan 9. The previous day, on Jan 08, the infant was injected twice with vaccination. ‘Soon after being injected the vaccines, fever started. The symptom of mild fever was already informed by the nurse so we took it lightly but few hours, she stopped breathing,’ informed Moinyak.
As per the report, on Jan 8, the vaccination drive was carried out by two nurses at Noglo village which is 8 Kms from circle headquarters Lazu. In case of allergic reaction or other medical emergencies, there was no qualified doctor on the spot to administer antidotes.
‘I lost my child due to gross medical negligence and for reasons unknown despite our persistent request, the medical officer of District Hospital neither issued death certificate nor released the post mortem report,’ accused Moinyak.
On the same day, the grieving parents registered an FIR at Lazu PS but the OC took the liberty of converting the case as unnatural death from criminal offence.
In the meantime, DC Khonsa Ravi Jha and DMO N Lowang on Jan 10 assured to fulfill the parents demand but after four months nothing happened, which forced the parents to seek the courts support.
At the time of filing this report, the decree issued by district court to register FIR under criminal case and launch investigation was delivered to Lazu Police station by the grieving parents.