Dist Health Department Fails to Keep Check on Quacks

06 May, 2016

Tall claims of the District Health Services officials fail to check the flourishing practices of quacks and non-qualified persons offering medical practice in the district.
Sources claimed that District Health Services and other responsible authorities fail to put nod on the list 180 quacks offering practice in the rural areas and some places in the urban areas. 
Irrespective of knowing that the these quacks choose the rural areas and slums in the Urban places these could put life danger of the people who takes treatment from the quacks non qualified person, no sincere initiative has been taken by the concern authorities to check the medical malpractice offered by listed more than 150 quacks in the district. 
District Health Administration has constituted a team of SDM, Drug Inspector and official of District Health Services to check the ground status of the quacks offering medical practice, Three years back. This team has also conducted inspection of many rural areas, like Shahpura Bhitoni, other blocks of the district. They have also recommended for action but due to some or other reason, action was not initiated against them.
Sources claimed that many of them offering medical practice in the behest of local political party leader, some times officer of district health services dares to stop them, but due to political pressure they did not much more to stop them.
Experts say that quacks offering medical practice could put the life in danger of patient. Quacks prescribed medicine without having sufficient knowledge of mode of action, half-life, excretion of drug from the body, contradictions with the other drug. This could sometimes lead to irreversible medical complication, even death of patient. He said Government should be more vigil to check the flourishing of practice of quacks in the rural. Large number of poor patients take the treatment from the Quacks, as their consultation fees is comparatively low than qualified MBBS or MD doctors, most of the patient could not afford their fees, they have no option left but to take consultation from the quacks he added. Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr Murli Agrawal said that District Health Services is committed to check the flourishing quack practice in the rural area. We have constituted the team, to conduct surprising inspection round the years in different rural area. In case any quack found to be offering medical practice, FIR would be logged against him and we could take the matter to court of law to stop such practice which is create life threaten to lives of people.