Medical negligence blamed for death of woman in SMCH

23 April, 2016

SILCHAR, April 23: The death of a young house wife in Silchar Medical College and Hospital (SMCH) recently due to the alleged negligence of doctors and nurses and the efforts of her husband and his family members to seek fair investigation into the causes and circumstances of her death have failed to yield any positive response. The young wife Eliza Begum Mazumder (18) died on April 17 while undergoing treatment in the Cardiology Department of SMCH, it was alleged by her husband Faiz Uddin Mazumder, a motor mechanic by profession and a resident of Madhurbond of this town, in a FIR filed in the Ghungoor police station.

 The case no. 1030/16 was registered u/s 304/A IPC. The FIR clearly attributed the death of Eliza due to the negligence of the attending doctors and nurses of the Cardiology Department of the hospital. In a petition to the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar on Friday, Faiz Uddin Mazumder demanded expeditious investigation from the police and to book the erring doctors and nurses. But, as he mentioned police officials are reluctant to investigate the case. When asked, they said proceedings are going on to pinpoint the causes and the persons responsible for being negligent in providing necessary treatment to Eliza to save her life.

 In fact, as further alleged by Faiz Uddin Mazumder, no investigation has been taken up and done. Considering the seriousness of the matter and the loss of a young wife, he petitioned the Deputy Commissioner for his interference in the matter for the sake of justice and fairity so that no other patients have to die like her. As reported by Faiz Uddin Mazumder, Eliza was admitted in the Gaenocology Department of the SMCH on April 4. Next night, caesarian operation was done and a she gave delivery to a baby. After two days, she was sent to Cardiology Department on the ground that she had developed heart problem.

 While undergoing treatment in the Cardiology Department, she was again taken back to Gaenecology Department where a doctor at the instruction of another doctor the stitching on her stomach was removed. But, as her condition was not good, she was transferred to the Cardiology ICU and thereafter taken to general ward. Despite the request of Faiz Uddin to take her to the ICU on a trolley, she was made to walk. The nurses on duty ignoring his request made Eliza to walk. But, as she took a few steps, all the internal organs of her intestine came out. The eyewitnesses said Eliza herself tried to push the organs back inside.

 Two of her guardians escorted her to the ICU. Family sources said after this a doctor put a bandage on her stomach and took her to the operation theatre of Gaenacology. As there was no doctor in the ICU of Cardiology Department, she was kept in ICU of Gaenacology. It was the specific allegation of Faiz Uddin in his FIR that due to the absence of any doctor in the Cardiology Department and her being made to walk that led to the death of Eliza. It was further said by Faiz Uddin that though her wife died around 7:50 in the morning, no doctor was available till mid noon.

 After a precious life was lost, Raja Laskar, vice-president of NSUI, Cachar, met the superintendent of SMCH, Dr. Ananda Sundar Baishya, and demanded proper investigation. He assured he would take proper measures. Raja Laskar and Javed Miadad Laskar, state secretary of youth, INTUC, stressed if any doctor or nurse was found to be negligent, he or she should be dismissed otherwise they would lay siege of the Hospital. The newly born baby was kept in the ICU after four days of her birth. A copy of the memorandum was also submitted to the Superintendent of Police, Cachar.