Medical negligence' SC awards Rs1 cr compensation

31 July, 2014

In a precedent-setting judgment that set a new benchmark for damages in a case of medical negligence, the Supreme Court (SC) has asked a Hyderabad hospital to pay Rs1 crore as compensation to a Bangalore-based software engineer. Lawyers said the Rs1 crore compensation is the highest ever awarded in a case of medical negligence in India and added that the judgment could define the compensation to be paid by errant hospitals and doctors in similar cases. In September 1990, he had been admitted to Nims after tests showed that he had a tumor in his chest. A surgery was conducted on him to remove a sample of the tumor to examine if it was malignant. Dhananka alleged that the surgeon found the tumor to be benign, but without consulting a neurosurgeon, he went ahead and removed the tumor, damaging blood vessels connected to the spine, leaving him paralyzed below the waist.