Ex-SC judge terms business threat to health services

29 March, 2016

Pune: Former Supreme Court judge M B Shah on Sunday said that commercialisation and malpractices were maligning medical services in the country. He was speaking at a national conference on 'Doctor-Patient Synergy'.

Core India Institute of Legal Medicine and the Pune chapter of Indian Medical Association (IMA) had jointly organised the two-day conference, which oncluded on Sunday.

"Providing medical assistance is a matter of humanity and medicine is a noble profession. However, in today's scenario, the services have become highly commercialised and there are too many malpractices involved. This has brought a bad name to the services," Shah said.

Shah also pointed out how everybody was a consumer and it must also be realised by medical aid providers. He also referred to different kinds of medical negligence cases lately. "The most common medico-legal cases involve medical negligence and delay or callousness in providing medical assistance to persons involved in accidents," Shah said.



He also urged medical bodies like IMA and Medical Council of India (MCI) to play a greater role to ensure minimum cases of negligence. 


"Under the pretext of confidentiality, doctors often withhold information from the patient family. It is the right of the patient and the families to know everything about the illness including treatment regimens which the doctors must convey appropriately and clearly," said Rajalakshmi Rao, former member of national consumer court


State president of consumer commission, Justice Ashok Bhangale, also criticised commercialisation of medical services in his address. He said it forced consumers to seek justice in courts for cases of negligence.